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Proceeds going to Loaves and fishes

Uxbridge Take-Out Bingo

Have you thought about how you might help the restaurant businesses here in Uxbridge? 

Come play bingo with us!! 

$5 Donation per Bingo card with all proceeds going to the Loaves and Fishes food bank right here in town. 

email transfer:

The Game

There will be 3 prices or rounds. 

$10 Local Gift Card for getting an X or a + (plus sign) through the middle using the Free Square.

$20 Local Gift Card for getting a U, using the sides and bottom line. 

$40 Local Gift Card for getting a full sheet. Filling every square. 

Donation and how to play

Super simple email transfer to:

(if password needed use: UxBingo)

Please note that this is 100% a donation and NOT payment to play bingo. 

Please include your email address in the comments as some banks do hide the email addresses. 

I will respond to you with a link to generate your bingo card that is full of all the different places throughout Uxbridge. You can bookmark it, or you can print it.

The faster to start playing, the faster you will be able to start filling squares. There is no end date, just like these lockdowns :) 

Then, just email me or call me with your proof, so keep those receipts. 


The why

Because I love this town. Let's support as many people as we can. 

Please note, I am not affiliated with any of these restaurants in any way, nor the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank.

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